Nothing is as important as how our patients, residents, and their family feel about the care received here at Spring Meadows Health Care Center.

Read the reviews below to discover what staying here for the short term or living here for the long term really feels like.


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"I’ve been a part of the Spring Meadows team for a very long time and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I’m also a family member because my grandmother is there as well so I get the best of both worlds! From an employees point of view theirs definitely a lot of hard workers in every department, everyone loves theirs job and they are great at it! So much teamwork! From a family members point of view, it puts me at ease every single day knowing I can go home and know my granny is in the best hands, she loves her nurses and CNAs and they take such good care of her! I would definitely recommend Spring Meadows to everyone!"
- Samantha Sherbin
"It was a tough day when I realized I could no longer care for my father at my home. Despite my best efforts to find him a good place, his first destination was not a good choice. It was obvious it was not going to be a long term solution and I needed to find another option quickly. The morning I called Spring Meadows and spoke to Melissa, I knew I had struck gold. She was understanding, compassionate, and caring. She ended the call by saying, "Even if you choose not to send him here, if I can help you in any way, just call me back." A few weeks later my father was transferred to Spring Meadows and my family was able to breath a sigh of relief. Due to CV19, visits with my father were limited to window visits and telephone calls. It was a tough time for us, but what made it bearable was I knew he was well taken care of by the staff at Spring Meadows. I never worried about him the entire time he was there. He was always clean, feed, and treated with dignity. My father made his final transition a couple of weeks ago, but to Melissa, Amanda, Emily, Sierra, and the other staff at Spring Meadows, I say, "Thank You for a Job Well Done"
- Brent Crouch
"The staff is incredible! So much care for each resident/patient. I have never experienced such a caring and professional staff in a health care facility. The facility is also very clean and well maintained. Thank you for the care given to my mom."
- Richard Perigo
"I’d been at several different rehab facilities, but every time I walk through the door here, I feel like I’m home."
- Ethel Unkle
"The staff at Spring Meadows provide excellent, tender, loving care for their patients. They also provide challenging physical therapy so that patients can get stronger, better, and back to their best selves. The facility is kept clean and secure. Would return if needed."
- John Witherspoon
"Quality health care for loved ones. Continuous efforts and compassion. Class act on all fronts."
- Ken Ellis, Family Member

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